What Parents, Kids and Professionals Have to Say About Dr. Rita Eichenstein

Dearest Dr. Eichenstein - Your work with J continues to play a large part in our lives, so you have never really left our thoughts. We are so grateful that you came into J's life when you did. I feel like I have been able to be a better parent to him because of the understanding and insights you provided. You crafted the appropriate lens through which to see him, and it has made all the difference to him and the people closest to him. We will never be able to thank you enough.
As a physician myself, I was hesitant to pursue private testing, but knew our school was not meeting my child's needs. My child had been to 3 psychiatrists, and was diagnosed with ADHD- which she definitely has, and "oppositional defiant disorder". They all, however, did not detect what Dr. Rita did- that my daughter has mild autism. My daughter's defiance was actually rigidity all along. Dr. Rita was the only one who could identify my daughter's real problem, and now we can effectively help her. To Rita we are grateful!
Dr. MJ
I know I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole life but no one ever explained to me how my brain works or why my learning style creates anxiety for me. I am so happy to understand my brain better. Knowing that I have ADHD and slow processing speed helps validate my struggles. Dr Rita gave me tools to be more compassionate about my learning style, to be able to work around my challenges, and getting extra time on tests is so helpful!
Teen, age 16
After battling lifelong learning differences, my child ended up attending an Ivy League University, in no small thanks for Dr. Eichenstein. When the university was reluctant to give the proper accommodations, with Dr. Eichenstein's thorough, clearly explained evaluation, she easily obtained the right accommodations. The University told us that Dr. Eichenstein's evaluation was one of the best reports they had ever read. It clearly and concisely documented everything necessary and more. Prior to finding Dr. Eichenstein I tried several highly recommended neuropsychologists who all failed to diagnose my child's learning difference accurately and years later when they finally did they had no concrete suggestions or resources to help my daughter improve.
As a pediatrician, I have been referring patients to Dr. Eichenstein as the go-to person for learning, attention, mood and educational issues for several years. Dr. Eichenstein's attention to detail and superb skills confirm that she is talented at understanding children and she is worth any wait. I am a pediatrician interested in learning differences and education, and I would say Dr. Eichenstein is a true find.
Dr. CL
I was so worried when my mom told me I had to go get tested. I didn’t even know what that meant! But it was actually so cool that I was sad when we had to stop. It was hard to say goodbye to Dr Rita and I hope to see her sooner than in three years!
Child, age 11
You evaluated T 2 years ago…he was miserable at his old school. I am happy to say your instincts were correct. overall I now see a child comfortable in school and happy, I also wanted to thank you for your support. Your gentle and astute observations made all the difference in T’s life. There's not a day I don't think about you on my drive to T’s school. I am filled with gratitude.
Dr. Eichenstein has been a trusted referral for our families seeking neuropsychological evaluations for over a decade. Her reports are clear, well written, and timely and have served as an invaluable compass for our academic support work with students of all ages. Dr. Eichenstein is a consummate professional whose wisdom and expertise is undeniable, but she is also a warm and witty person who feels like a friend even at a first meeting.
Amy Hayutin Contreras, Partner, Hayutin & Associates, Inc
I’ve been periodically seeing Dr. Rita for testing since I was seven years old when she diagnosed me with severe Dyslexia. She has been the stalwart support of my academic career and also emotionally. She provided the right accommodations and always fought for my rights to receive them. She also encouraged me to reach for the stars and because of her, I went to a top college I didn’t think I could handle with my Dyslexia, but I did. Without her guidance and testing, I would not be where I am today, in a top law school, about to graduate! I am forever grateful to her!
Young Adult, age 26
It was fun!
Child, age 5
I was so worried when my mom told me I had to go get tested. I didn’t even know what that meant! But it was actually so cool that I was sad when we had to stop. It was hard to say goodbye to Dr Rita and I hope to see her sooner than in three years!
Child, age 11
Thank you so much for your presentation at Pediatric Grand Rounds at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Your talk, “Pediatric Neuropsychology: The Science of Learning and Behavior from NICU through Adolescence” was well received by the attendees as was evidenced by the many follow up questions posed to you. We greatly appreciate your contribution.
Deborah Lehman, Director, Pediatric CME

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